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Everybody loves a good game of solitaire, and that's why we've made this Slingtastic version with our own signature Slingo twist! Slingo Solitaire is just like the classic solitaire you learned as a kid. The object is to move all of the cards to the four stacks at the top, from aces on up to kings. To get them there, flip through your free cards three at a time and move the stacks around to try to free up all your face-down cards. You can stack lines of cards decreasing in value (kings on top, aces on bottom) as long as you're alternating red and black cards. So far so good, right? But what about that Slingo twist, you ask? What makes it Slingo Solitaire and not just ordinary solitaire? Two words - Progressive Jackpot! In Slingo Solitaire, you start your first game with a progressive jackpot of 25,000 bee-yoo-ti-ful Slingo Coins just waiting for you to clear your Solitaire game and win them all. But not so fast! Each time you don't win your game of Slingo Solitaire, your final score multiplied by ten is added into the progressive jackpot and gives you the chance to win even more. It might be worth it to throw a few games and see that jackpot grow. And grow... but watch out! If you play ten games and don't win once, all of those Slingo Coins vanish and the jackpot goes back down to 25,000 Slingo Coins. Sorry! We're sure you'll absolutely love the blend of luck and strategy we've made for you in Slingo Solitaire, so go have a taste right now. You'll never settle for regular old solitaire again!
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  1. 1Bobe320,900
  2. 2Ani4ka290,300
  3. 3ravishing280,600
  4. 4Lavche265,200
  5. 5Menmax263,200
  6. 6MaHeR ShA!kH238,600
  7. 7largas1231,000
  8. 8asim yousuf209,300
  9. 9coko74,300
  10. 10shanza19,300
  11. 11farhan sarosh2,500
  12. 12Ali DeVos1,500
  13. 13alleeycaatt1,400
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