Papa's Pastaria

Head to Portallini and start your career as a pasta chef! You're in charge of Papa's Pastaria, where you'll take orders, cook noodles, add sauces and toppings, and toast breads to craft the perfect plate of pasta for your customers! New the series, you'll be opening the Dining Room in your restaurant, and you'll hire a server to help you get through the hectic workday! As you level up you'll earn new toppings, meet new customers, and work through the ever-changing seasons of the town.
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  • D@RK EyEz

    13. March 2014 10:35
    nyc game
  • Esha

    30. December 2013 15:37
    buhahahah z@!n! phir? kya chAkAr h?
  • raja.raja

    29. December 2013 03:26
    phir jojo ki b or baat he <3
  • Esha

    23. December 2013 13:41
    hahahahah lekin cori ki to koi or hi baat he :*
  • raja.raja

    23. December 2013 01:59
    ninjoy or sasha
  • raja.raja

    23. December 2013 01:57
    eshay baqi b to yaad he muje (wally peny quin kahuna jojo tony rico etc)
  • Esha

    22. December 2013 14:35
    hahaha zain tu cori ko kesay bhool skta h
  • raja.raja

    22. December 2013 03:33
    haha esha...sub se fit frezaria thi <3...CORI yad he haha
  • Esha

    20. December 2013 12:06
    farigh game he -_-
  • raja.raja

    20. December 2013 01:52

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