Death Penalty: Zombie Football!

Your objective in this funny zombie game is to kick the balls at the oncoming undead hordes to stay alive. Use YOUR MOUSE to move left and right and aim up and down. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Hit near the dotted line for best shots. You will get bonus points for headshots and full body explosions. Have fun!
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  1. 1Fatmir Faca800
  2. 2ibroKiller730
  3. 3Mobin500
  4. 4antalya320
  5. 5sabby300
  6. 6Faheem Ahmed290
  7. 7Arlind Alimi240
  8. 8manosherry110
  9. 9HarisBoss70
  10. 10Maciiii70
  11. 11Moin Ahmed70
  12. 12Destiny70
  13. 13zolvata70
  14. 14asim yousuf40
  15. 15Ali 00740
  16. 16Saad Qazi30
  17. 17Saira Ali30
  18. 18wolfskin35730
  19. 19G.g10
  20. 20Ivan Stevceski10
  21. 21black beauty7000
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