Vuvuzela Nailer

As this is probably the first World Cup where most fans have thought about putting their TV on mute, Mousebreaker has come up with a cheeky new game to sort the problem – Vuvuzela Nailer! Your job is to shoot the horns out of the hands of the supporters so the players can actually concentrate… You wouldn’t like to see any player getting distracted leading to a costly error (again), now would you?!
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  • myprofile

    06. September 2011 02:59
    Mmm i like this..i sure do.
  • mr.white

    31. July 2011 10:15
    Oh. ok
  • myprofile

    12. March 2011 18:18
  • 8Ball

    07. December 2010 08:28
    so amazing

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