Christmas Cake Shop II

Christmas Season is the best time to turn your cake shop into a more prosperous & popular. Prepare and serve delicious cakes with different flavors to your customers. Make money by serving the cakes before customer waiting time exceeds. You can multiply your income by upgrading your shop with new items in every level. Avoid preparing cake wrongly and serve, because if you try to serve wrongly prepared cake, it will fall into the trash bin and your income will get reduced. The faster you complete your orders, the better income you will get.
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  1. 1G.g8,700
  2. 2Mobin8,475
  3. 3ravishing2,750
  4. 4succeed_5001,200
  5. 5scorpioking143400
  6. 6Saira Ali300
  7. 7Faheem Ahmed300
  8. 8tio300
  9. 9antalya250
  10. 10pamela200
  11. 11Mani Shah150
  12. 12Destiny150
  13. 13asim yousuf100
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