Sisi Wants Toto's Cake

Yummy, finger-licking cakes are all Toto's specialties. But Sisi, the cheeky cat, wants to taste them and enjoy their flavor as well. He needs to do good copies of Toto's cakes so he cam make his own delicious thee-layers cakes. So let's join Toto and Sisi in the kitchen, take a peak at Toto's cake and replicate it on Sisi's plate. Toto doesn't mind, since he is very happy someone appreciates his cooking talents and cake masterpieces. Decorate the cake using fruits, wiped-cream, candies, candles and even firecrackers, following Toto's recipe in each level. Sisi wants Toto's cake, so he is going to get it, right? The results are of course super yummy, so enjoy!
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  • 8Ball

    01. April 2011 04:53
    Mmm i like this
  • faith20

    17. February 2011 17:51
    Good to see
  • u17

    30. November 2010 22:30
    No one can dislike!

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