Math Attack - The Revenge of the Numbers

Find the couples between numbers and operations. Prove your mind with this game. You need to be fast and smart to beat the time!
The main goal of the game is clear all the pieces finding the valid operations. For this you need 1- Select the number A. 2- Select the operator ,-,,. 3- Select the number B. 4- Select the result. NoteIf you think that the operation is correct, press the Yes button. If you want to cancel press the No Button
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  1. 1Marko Hostnik43,362
  2. 2Anar40,044
  3. 3largas16,518
  4. 4Tanja.V5,655
  5. 5Bobe5,596
  6. 6G.g3,004
  7. 7asim yousuf2,066
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