Super Christmas Pic Tart

Fix all pieces of the picture in exact position using the mouse .You can rotate and swap the parts of image in the center of the circle. You need to fix within the time duration. Once you complete you are into next level. Have a great picture tart!
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Super Christmas Pic Tart, average: 3.45, 6 votes.


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  1. 1largas14,350
  2. 2rimi4,100
  3. 3ibroKiller3,100
  4. 4Monitza2,900
  5. 5G.g2,650
  6. 6Lavche2,550
  7. 7antalya2,200
  8. 8sivaranjinee2,150
  9. 9Viki Kocevska2,050
  10. 10Destiny1,700
  11. 11Qaisar Khan1,600
  12. 12zolvata1,400
  13. 13Melani_Melanie1,400
  14. 14ravishing1,400
  15. 15messed0071,350
  16. 16succeed_5001,150
  17. 17scorpioking1431,100
  18. 18Saira Ali1,000
  19. 19mi6i950
  20. 20asim yousuf600
  21. 21Faheem Ahmed550
  22. 22tio350
  23. 23HarisBoss100
  24. 24Bobe100
  25. 25Bana Zeshkanja0
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