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Shoot bubbles so that they attach to other bubbles, creating clumps of 3 or more of the same color to clear them. The more bubbles you take down with a single shot, the more points you'll score. If you make a mistake by shooting without clearing any bubbles, new rows of bubbles will sometimes appear. The game will end either when you clear the board or when the bubbles have reached the bottom of the screen!
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  • christine

    19. August 2015 12:59
    Yeah First place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. 1Anar158,380
  2. 2asim yousuf135,400
  3. 3Bobe119,050
  4. 4zam109,360
  5. 5coko92,020
  6. 6Irfan Shah42,100
  7. 7friendship28,920
  8. 8christine11,050
  9. 9Anel7_79,430
  10. 10HuM@!$H6,370
  11. 11Ani4ka5,010
  12. 12journeyon4,400
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