Crystal Clear

Match a minimum of 5, same colored crystals to clear them off the board. BROKEN crystals explode everything around them, when cleared. When moved, HEART crystals change the color of nearby pieces. LOCKED Crystals cannot be moved. Good Luck!
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  1. 1Anar824,622
  2. 2zolvata158,361
  3. 3Bobe33,978
  4. 4nonameforme11,340
  5. 5coko11,115
  6. 6sase6,789
  7. 7antalya6,435
  8. 8Mobin5,181
  9. 9G.g4,410
  10. 10asim yousuf3,531
  11. 11ibroKiller2,673
  12. 12ravishing1,974
  13. 13Destiny1,866
  14. 14Saira Ali990
  15. 15Faheem Ahmed660
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