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Link lanterns to form long chains, and watch them disappear! Form a long enough chain to summon a powerful Dragon and it will help you clear the board. Collect Coins by bringing them down to the bottom of the screen, or by hitting them with a Dragon, or with Bombs and Rockets.
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  1. 1alex0306564,050
  2. 2asim yousuf520,880
  3. 3coko472,180
  4. 4friendship455,800
  5. 5Bobe417,130
  6. 6angellov324,460
  7. 7Ljupchoo213,120
  8. 8Shawn Khan198,070
  9. 9Milka Parmacka184,290
  10. 10Saqib Sheikh164,000
  11. 11Ani4ka122,460
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