Katrina's Kitchen

Click two adjacent ingredients to swap them. Line up 3 or more matching ingredients to clear them from the board and fill up the cooking meter on the right. When a burger's done, click and drag it to the zombie who ordered it! Feed all the zombies to complete the level.
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  1. 1Melani_Melanie186,100
  2. 2G.g122,950
  3. 3Sweet11464,600
  4. 4succeed_50035,150
  5. 5coko22,450
  6. 6asim yousuf16,750
  7. 7Lucy15,650
  8. 8ravishing14,100
  9. 9bilal hafeez12,500
  10. 10Bobe5,950
  11. 11Lavche3,600
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