Release the Creeps

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Halloween is here and for one night only, the Creeps must be let out of their cages to scare the nearby villagers. Use the Skeleton Key to unlock the cages and release the Creeps! Match the Creeps to release them from their cages and crystals. If you have moves left, spooky spiders will enter the room for bonus points!
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  1. 1Anar531,000
  2. 2Bobe492,300
  3. 3sandy c490,980
  4. 4alex0306473,270
  5. 5coko319,810
  6. 6Pauline Bugeja218,990
  7. 7christine176,950
  8. 8asim yousuf166,040
  9. 9Maci23102,400
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