Tetris Race

Click three or more identical squares to remove them. Press Space bar to speed up the squares. The game ends when there are only diamonds left.
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  1. 1Anar262,000
  2. 2largas1236,500
  3. 3zolvata189,500
  4. 4Destiny188,500
  5. 5antalya133,500
  6. 6Faheem Ahmed133,500
  7. 7Maha Mehjabeen119,500
  8. 8scorpioking143116,500
  9. 9G.g108,000
  10. 10asim yousuf105,500
  11. 11succeed_500105,000
  12. 12Bobe102,000
  13. 13dzejla100,000
  14. 14Melani_Melanie97,000
  15. 15nonameforme95,500
  16. 16Caci Kuskinska93,500
  17. 17Saira Ali88,500
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