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Your objective is to ride your super bike through a challenging racing circuit set in a scenic country side and beat all your opponents. Use your arrow keys to control your super bike. You must clear the checkpoints before the time runs out otherwise you are out of the race. Avoid collisions with obstacles and your opponents.
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  1. 1scorpioking143119,353
  2. 2ibroKiller113,485
  3. 3Mobin108,205
  4. 4Melani_Melanie106,003
  5. 5Faheem Ahmed92,575
  6. 6.Saad Qazi.75,248
  7. 7Saad Qazi74,386
  8. 8Bobe68,458
  9. 9HarisBoss10,038
  10. 10Mani Shah7,622
  11. 11Saira Ali5,146
  12. 12Lavche3,231
  13. 13Krem3,188
  14. 14asim yousuf2,967
  15. 15G.g2,424
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