Obama vs Santa

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Santa is fighting Obama for Christmas supremacy. Are you Santa or Obama? You have to beat your opponent with snowballs, head shot to get down his life and throw objects in him to get shots bonus. The presidential snow fight must determine the Christmas Day supremacy!
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Obama vs Santa, average: 3.24, 5 votes.


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  1. 1antalya6,800
  2. 2Maha Mehjabeen6,525
  3. 3zolvata6,450
  4. 4Melani_Melanie6,300
  5. 5Faheem Ahmed5,750
  6. 6scorpioking1435,700
  7. 7Shariq Qazi5,400
  8. 8MELANIE5,200
  9. 9G.g5,150
  10. 10succeed_5004,700
  11. 11DimeF14,525
  12. 12HarisBoss4,500
  13. 13ravishing4,500
  14. 14Saira Ali4,500
  15. 15leonid4,125
  16. 16Umair Ahmed1,300
  17. 17ibroKiller1,250
  18. 18Jasmina Manas1,000
  19. 19asim yousuf950
  20. 20Saad Qazi900
  21. 21vatiii750
  22. 22Mani Shah650
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