7th Inning Smash

Do you like baseball? 7th Inning Smash is a great baseball game in which you have to break windows and hit cars passing behind the fence. The more windows you break the more points you get. Use mouse to play.
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7th Inning Smash, average: 3.45, 6 votes.


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  1. 1jawad308,400
  2. 2DimeF146,500
  3. 3Ali 00741,400
  4. 4HarisBoss35,000
  5. 5G.g34,000
  6. 6Melani_Melanie34,000
  7. 7AdR!@N33,900
  8. 8scorpioking14331,000
  9. 9ibroKiller27,000
  10. 10asim yousuf25,400
  11. 11Mobin21,400
  12. 12Maha Mehjabeen19,000
  13. 13succeed_50014,000
  14. 14antalya13,500
  15. 15Shariq Qazi6,000
  16. 16ravishing2,000
  17. 17Saira Ali0
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