Jordan Xtreme

Your objective in this fast paced basketball game is to help Michael Jordan to get the ball into the baskets and score as much points as possible before the time runs out. Use YOUR MOUSE to move Jordan and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to throw the balls. Aim for bonuses and power ups. Have fun!
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  1. 1zolvata399,426
  2. 2ravishing96,118
  3. 3antalya92,017
  4. 4Faheem Ahmed82,502
  5. 5Destiny66,280
  6. 6Melani_Melanie64,019
  7. 7Mobin61,334
  8. 8HarisBoss53,446
  9. 9largas152,213
  10. 10scorpioking14349,188
  11. 11asim yousuf44,091
  12. 12G.g39,521
  13. 13redbull26,664
  14. 14Daniel7918,736
  15. 15succeed_50015,126
  16. 16Saira Ali10,050
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